Liquid Biopsy


The Liquid Biopsy line focuses on the study of tumour material present in biological fluids, especially in the blood of patients with breast and prostate cancer. This includes both the study of cells spread from the primary tumour or metastatic blood circulating tumour cells – CTCs, like tumour genetic material – ctDNA/ctRNA that is free in the bloodstream.

Our main focus is on the molecular isolation and characterisation of CTCs and tumour genetic material present in the circulation as a tool to search for biomarkers of prognosis and response, resistance to therapies, and therapeutic targets.

La Dra. Clotilde Costa Nogueira is head of the Liquid Biopsy line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit


Clotilde Costa Nogueira
Head of the Liquid Biopsy Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit
Carmen Abuín Redondo
Laboratory Technician of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit
Thais Pereira Veiga
Predoctoral Student in the Liquid Biopsy Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit

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