Ana Belén Dávila Ibáñez

Head of the Liquid Nano-Oncology Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit

Dr. Ana B. Davila presented her doctoral thesis in 2012 at the University of Vigo, in the Department of Applied Physics. Later that year she began her post-doctorate as part of the VII Framework Programme Marie Curie project of the European Union, in collaboration with the University (Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris), and private enterprise, both pharmaceutical (pro-ACTINA-Pharmathen, Atenas) and biochemical (EPOS-iasis). During those two years she was responsible for the synthesis of nano platforms (magnetic and optically active nano particles) capable of transporting molecules specific to the cell nucleus, in addition to training in organic synthesis of anti-cancer molecules.

She is currently Head of the Liquid Nano-Oncology Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit.

Experience: synthesis of inorganic nano particles, functionalization of nano materials, physical and chemical properties of nano materials.

Interests: nanotechnology, nano materials, drug delivery nano systems for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Phone: +34 981 95 56 11


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