Clotilde Costa Nogueira

Head of the Liquid Biopsy Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit

Dr.Clotilde Costa obtained her doctorate in 2011 at the Department of Molecular Oncology CIEMAT – Autonomous University of Madrid. Her thesis focused on the study of genes involved in cell cycle – Retinoblastoma Family and E2F factors – and their role in squamous cell carcinoma in transgenic animals. In 2013 she joined the Translational Medical Oncology Group in the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela in the European InveNNta project, focused on the isolation and characterisation of circulating tumour cells in metastatic patients.

Currently, she lead the Liquid Biopsy Line of the Roche-Chus Joint Unit.

Experience: animal models, cell cultures, primary cultures, molecular and cell biology.

Interests: CTCs, metastasis, oncology, biomarkers, molecular biology.


Phone: +34 981 95 56 11


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